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The VsceneSuperOrg price plan enables institutions to provide a global video collaboration service across all their departments and users. With VsceneSuperOrg you can provide an unlimited service to a large number of hosts within multiple ‘child organisations’ or departments across your institution.



All of VsceneCampus +

Unlimited Host/Admin Accounts

500 participant meeting room

Unlimited H.323/SIP Connections

Unlimited Child Organisations

Customisation Options

Per concurrent connection.
Minimum 150 connections*

VsceneSuperOrg: Key Features


Unlimited Host and Admin Users


Customisation and Branding Options


Unlimited Child Organisations


Global Service Management Tools

Your Custom Vscene Service

Customise your Vscene service with your institutional branding. Vscene allows you to create your own theme with your organisational colours and logo. This will reflect your entire experience from the browser application to the mobile app including an in-call watermark.

Global Service Management

With VsceneSuperOrg, you can manage your service easily and efficiently the our service management tools. Add bulk users, approve new users and moderate existing users. Manage your individual departments or child organisations, assign access and rights.  Administer your global estate of registered room systems or rapidly deploy an entirely new estate (H.323/SIP/VsceneRooms) with simplified configuration tools and resource management functions.

Vscene provides a full gatekeeper service for SIP registration for all your video conferencing end-points. This avoids the unnecessary expense of supporting and hosting your own gatekeeper infrastructure.

Priced on Concurrency

VsceneSuperOrg is a global service that is priced on concurrency, so there are no limits to the amount of Hosts you create, H.323/SIP ports you deploy, meeting room capacity or recording storage, enabling you to provide a truly scalable, global service to your users, department or organisations.

UK Support Desk

Vscene users benefit from the proactive support of our dedicated UK service desk. Our highly experienced engineers have decades of experience in video conferencing and collaboration services, supporting thousands of conferences weekly. All end-to-end technical services are provided by our in-house support engineers and technical architects including configuration, installation support and network consultancy.

Compare our Plans

  • Vscene is an integral and indispensable part of our VC service. The flexibility of Vscene allows people to join our conferences no matter what facilities they are using and the tech support we receive from the team is superlative.

    James Matthew The University of Glasgow
  • Vscene has been providing Cardiff University with connectivity and bridging services for the past 17 years. We have always found the Team to be friendly and helpful, they  provide immediate support for all our video conference requirements.

    Sue Crosby Cardiff University
  • Ajenta Vscene platform provides us with all-in-one remote teaching solution. The platform enables real-time collaboration between Universities, Institutes, and remote students, removing the physical barrier out of the class room experience. Our Vscene Account Manager liaises with our partners to provide end-to-end business support, to ensure the platform is fully integrated with our other business solutions.

    Phelim Lunny Dublin Dental University Hospital
  • Vscene allows me to manage all aspects of video and teleconferencing with ease. Creating, scheduling and running conferences is made simple by their very user-friendly site. The one to one support I received from their team goes above and beyond that of any services I have used in the past. They have an amazing understanding of their product and really helped me get the best out of it.

    Cian O’Halloran University of Limerick
  • Over the years I have encountered many VC problems and have had to call on Vscene for assistance and they have always sorted it out.   I have found the support team approachable and their service exceptional.

    Christine Williams Customer Care Officer - Anglesey Business Centre
  • Vscene’ s reliability has been exceptional and the HD quality has provided an effective online means for real time face to face teaching with young people within e-Sgoil. Our external programme evaluation, shows the potential that Vscene and online teaching has as one of the tools available to local authorities and schools to meet the challenges of 21st century education.

    Bernard Chisholm Director of Education and Children’s Services
  • I was experiencing issues with our newly installed VC equipment. I managed to call Vscene’s support number that was on our documentation and my support issue was handled by Mohamad. From my little to no experience of the new kit, the support team was able to understand my situation and provide 1st class customer support. My translation of the problem (again unfamiliar with the equipment) was clearly understood and any technical translation was also broken down to help resolve the issue. I was very impressed with the customer service received and also learned a thing or two about our set up. Great support overall.

    Ryan Phillips Renfrewshire Council
  • Vscene constantly delivers a professional and reliable service. The support team are always happy to help on the odd occasion where there are connection issues or to advise on technical aspect of video conferencing

    Nathan Paterson The University of Abertay
  • The Vscene service allows educators to bring together video conferencing meeting participants from all over the world whether they have expensive hardware endpoints or just a laptop with a webcam. The virtual room functionality enables people to join a video conference by simply following a URL and joining the conference via a web browser. The recording and streaming functionality are fantastic for sharing school events such as school productions or sports day. Easy to use and a great service.

    Drew Tibble London Grid for Learning

Meet Our Plans

We work with many government, healthcare and education clients so we make sure our platform adheres to all current legislation within each industry.



VsceneTeam is the perfect price plan for smaller organisations or departments within institutions to schedule video conferences and create collaborative Meetings Spaces that supports up to 30 of their team members in the same call. It also allows external users to join over desktop, mobile and room based systems too.



VsceneCampus allows for a much wider user base to access the more comprehensive features of Vscene, providing your organisation with 25 x Hosts to schedule conferences and create and manage Meeting Rooms. The scheduling function also support automated dial-out to room systems registered on the Vscene service.

Full administrator functions are also supported within VsceneCampus with 3 x Admin accounts providing the ability to manage your entire user base, create custom reports and manage your room system estate.



VsceneSuperOrg is the perfect price plan for institutions to provide a video collaboration service across all their departments and users. VsceneSuperOrg you can provide an unlimited service to a large number of hosts within multiple ‘child organisations’ or departments across your institution.

Each ‘child org’ can have their own individual Vscene plan and administrate their own users. You can also customise the application with your own logo and your institution’s colours.