Ideal for:

Teachers delivering remote teaching to one or more classrooms
Teachers delivering remote teaching to multiple desktop users
Teaching delivery for up to 120 learners, all at the same time
Fully customisable setup, dependent on size of teaching space and number of learners

How it works

The definitive walk-in-and-teach setup

The compact Teaching Pod is designed for teachers to deliver remote teaching to multiple classrooms or multiple desktop users. 

It's a walk-in-and-teach solution. You can simply walk into the Teaching Pod and begin the lesson. The system will automatically connect you to your remote classrooms or learners. 

The technology works with you, allowing you to teach in your usual manner. There’s no need to stay put in one spot, staring at a camera. Sit down, stand up, move about. Write on the whiteboard, hold up a book, point at the key facts. Built-in tracking cameras will follow you as you move. The audio pickup captures your voice perfectly, wherever you’re standing.

Do you use a visualiser to share close-up work? Vscene will integrate smoothly with your current visualiser, or we can install one for you. It’s also easy to share documents, presentations or videos, all in the highest 4K resolution. 

And what about your learners? You’ll be able to see and hear your class participants clearly – every single one of them. You’ll know when they raise their hand to answer a question, when they’re paying full attention, and when they’re not. 

The Teaching Pod includes options to see 30-120 pupils at one time. A Microsoft Teams Room gives you a maximum of four participants on one single screen. A Zoom Room can only support a maximum of 3 x displays. You’ll have access to all your learners, just as you would in an actual classroom.

What's included?

  • High definition video streaming
  • High definition content sharing
  • HD. PTZ teacher tracking and framing camera
  • Wide audio pickup
  • Moderation control app (for tablet)
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Four options for participant viewing

Customise your Teaching Pod based on your space and needs. Just select the number of screens you require; you can view from 16-120 participants on screen simultaneously:

Single screen: one screen (16 learners)
Dual screen: two screens (32 learners)
Quad screen: four screens (64 learners)
Teaching wall: eight screens (128 learners)
How much does it cost?
from £3,250
This fully customisable setup offers a range of options to work with your needs. Choose from between one and eight screens, depending on your class sizes. Give us a call to find out more.
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