Spaces – Vscene


In Spaces you can chat, share and store files, and have instant video calls. Create your own Spaces with a custom title, description and colour and select whether you’d like to keep it Private, or make it available for Public access. Add Members and Moderators who will then be able to access the Space at any time.

Your Spaces can be located on the Home page, or by clicking:


In Spaces, you can share files and engage in real-time chat with all of the Space Members, enabling a safe and efficient space for productive research, teaching or simple brainstorming, regardless of each Member‘s location.

Creating a Space
You can create a Space by selecting + Add New Space from the left tab of the main Spaces page.

Here, you can customise your Space by: setting the title, providing a description, choosing an identifying colour, and whether you would like the Space to be private or public.

This is also where you add Members and Moderators to your Space.

Using a Space
As a Member of a Space, you can interact with other Members using the text input.

If you wish to carry out a video call, you can select the video icon.

Space Settings
Moderators of a Space can change the public/private setting and delete the Space using the Settings button in the right panel when in the Space.

If you are just a Member of a Space, this is also where you can select to leave the Space.

This right panel when in a Space is also where Files can be uploaded, shared and downloaded by all Members of a Space, where Space Members can be viewed and more Vscene users can be added (for private Spaces).

Private and Public Spaces
For private Spaces, the Space Owner’s and Moderators can search for and add registered Vscene users using the Add users to space search bar.

For public Spaces, registered Vscene users can simply click ‘Join‘ from the settings panel to become a Member.