Schedule a meeting – Vscene

Schedule a meeting
You can schedule a meeting by selecting the Schedule button on your Home page.

Upon selecting the Schedule button, you will be taken to the Schedule Meeting page. Here you can add the title of your meeting, a description or note for the users taking part in the meeting, the date you would like to schedule your meeting for, as well as the start and finishing time.

Other features available for your scheduled meeting include:

  • Guest: This is where you will invite the guest you would like to participate in the scheduled meeting. Just enter an email address to invite someone to participate.
  • Members: This is where you invite Registered Vscene members that you would like to participate in the scheduled meeting.
  • Moderators: Moderators of a meeting are given the ability to manage the meeting; they are able to call registered room systems into the meeting, invite new guests to the meeting and manage users in the meeting.
  • Room Systems: Here you can search for and add registered room systems that will be dialed in for when your meeting is set to take place. If you wish to only add the Room system but not be called, simply untick Dial Out.
  • Repeat: by selecting Repeat, you are able to set your scheduled meeting to be recurring. Options within Repeat include whether the meeting will happen Daily, Weekly or Monthly, the date that the repeated meetings will end on, or how many repetitions of the meeting will be had.
  • Enable PIN: When selected you will be able to add an extra layer of security to your meeting with a 4 number pin.
  • Record this meeting: Selecting this box will enable recording of both audio and video in your meeting.
    • N.B. Recording will automatically stop 1 minute after the scheduled meeting time if nobody partakes in the meeting. The recording cannot re-start. Ensuring that invited users attend the meeting on time will avoid this, or alternatively do not select Record here, but simply enable recording when in the meeting instead.
  • Record content full screen: Selecting this box in addition to Record this meeting box will alter the recording to prefer the screen share.
  • Lecture Mode: When selecting Lecture Mode, a new section will appear in the panel to the right of your page. Here, you are required to add the registered Vscene user from your Organisation that you would like to assign as the lecturer. If you would like to be the lecturer, please leave this section blank.
    • The assigned lecturer must join the meeting by browser, and only once they have joined the meeting can other invited users join the meeting.
    • Cameras and microphones will be muted for all meeting participants. If you are the lecturer, please unmute the camera and microphone when you join the meeting.
  • Webcasting: The link to a live stream of the meeting will be emailed to the meeting creator shortly before the meeting begins. Webcasting cannot set earlier than 10 minutes before the meeting start time.