Vscene Release Notes – Vscene

Vscene 2.1.4


This update introduces some new features, user-friendly improvements and bug fixes.

New features:

  • Vscene Outlook plugin: This new plugin makes it easy to host and join instant meetings from your Outlook desktop application. You can download the plugin here.

  • Hubs: You can now own five Hubs from which you can host or join instant meetings easily

  • Polls: Moderators of calls can now create Polls in Scheduled Meetings and Hub calls


  • Registration page input fields have been updated for easier use

  • Administrators of Organisations can now delete meetings from the Home page

  • We have added a confirmation pop-up when deleting recordings in Media

Bug Fixes

  • Bug that occurred when creating a Parent Organisation fixed

  • Bug that prevented deleting a Space has been fixed

Vscene 2.1.3


We have added lots of new features and improvements suggested by the Vscene community and bug fixes.

New features:

  • Option to change a private space to public

  • Option to promote a user as Space moderator or demote a moderator to user.

  • Dial-in details in the view Meeting screen and the Join screen.

  • When lecture mode is selected, the meeting organiser is added in the lecturers by default.

  • Number of registered Room Systems and number of allowed Room Systems per organisation are displayed in the Admin dashboard.


  • UI improvements in Spaces, Schedule Meeting and Room Systems pages.

  • Contact names, in the right bar, are now displayed on mouse hover.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for issues when editing a recurring meeting’s date.

  • Fix for invalid links in the registration page.

  • Fix for missing organisation-only Room Systems in the Schedule Meeting form.

  • Fix for invalid share links in videos under Media.

  • Fix for issue with Spaces having the same call details when deleted and re-created under the same name

Vscene 2.1.2


This update brings some performance improvements as well as some other features such as newly designed registration and log-in page,


  • Fix dropdown menu issues


  • Enable search for private meeting spaces by organisation administrators

  • Improved login and registration page

Vscene 2.1.1


This update brings some fixes to organisation search and character limits as well as new features such as grid option as a whiteboard background.


  • Fix issue with 30 characters limit for room system IP.

  • Fix for organisation search bug


  • Enable search for private meeting spaces that user is member of.

  • Improved registration page

  • Improved button bar in call

New Features

  • SuperOrg admins get email notifications for child org new users.

  • New email templates for HEAnet users

  • Option for grid background in Whiteboard

Vscene 2.1


The new version of our platform – Vscene 2.1 – is finally here!


  • Support for Edge

  • Moderators have the option to add a room system in a call

  • Reports for administrators that can be exported in a file

  • Administrators can view/edit Organisation details

  • Administrators can view/edit Room System details

  • Super Org Administrators can view, edit and delete meetings of their “children” organisations

  •  Option to downgrade an admin to a normal user

  • New chat message notification

  • New chat windows

  • Paginated tables and lists

  • More warnings and error messages

  • File uploading and sharing in meeting spaces

  • Option to add or remove a user in meeting spaces

  • Help section and onboarding tour

  • Video preview and audio check before a call

  • Recording thumbnails


  • Improved Whiteboard

  • Design and a new logo

Vscene 2.0.3


In this version we have fixed some dial-out issues and provided useful improvements.


  • New Room System type for SIP devices.

  • When a meeting is edited, the existing ical invite is updated instead of creating a new one.

  • When a meeting is deleted, an ical invite is sent to delete the event from the calendar.

  • Moderators can extend scheduled meetings by 5 to 30 minutes.


  • Fixed some issues with dial-out to SIP addresses

Vscene 2.0.2


This release contains bug fixes and a list of small improvements.


  • A new “Opt-in” button was added on user registration.

  • A “Make admin” button was added for administrators, so they can promote normal users to admins.

  • Added description for public/organisation room systems.

  • When a new organisation is in “Pending approval” status, the organisation admin is not listed in pending users.


  • Fixed a bug for profile update

  • Fixed some bugs when editing a meeting

  • Corrected webcast link

Vscene 2.0.1


This release brings various fixes and adds new explanatory messages.


  • Added warning messages about recording, webcast and lecture mode on the Schedule Meeting page

  • Added explanatory messages for user profiles (i.e public, protected and private)


  • Added hash key (#) at the end of the telephone extension in the email invite

  • Fixed issue with “nickname” in email invite

  • Fixed issue with refresh screen on chat

  • Fixed issue about right bar on Chrome

  • Fixed bug with room systems from different organisation on Schedule Meeting