Vscene Release Notes – Vscene

Vscene 2.2.3


This Release contains platform improvements.


  • Hosts in a Vscene SuperOrg subscription plan can now create unlimited Hubs.

  • Secure your Vscene Hubs and Scheduled Meetings by setting a PIN (optional).

  • More flexible options to extend the running time of a live Scheduled Vscene meeting.

  • Enhanced email notifications for Vscene Webcast.

  • VsceneSchools subscribers can now register unlimited number of V-Room hardware systems. Check V-Room pricing.

  • Enhanced notifications of room availability when scheduling a meeting. Admins will now be able to locate a conflicting booking.

  • Improvement of the performance of users’ online presence and direct one-to-one calls.

  • Enhancement of the screen layout in Meeting Spaces and direct one-to-one calls.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug prevented editing of a series of recurring meetings.

Vscene 2.2.2


This Release contains platform improvements.


  • Added option to rename a Space

  • Meetings can be scheduled up to 2 years in advance.


  • Fixed issue with missing Join and Moderate buttons for recurring meetings

  • Fixed issue with broken link for sharing recordings.

  • Disable the option for direct call if the user is offline

Vscene 2.2.1


This Release contains platform improvements.


  • Improved scroll down menu for start/end time on schedule meeting form. Typing is available, seconds are omitted, default start time is current time for any date, default end time is set to 1 hour in advance.

  • Meaningful names for recordings in Media

  • 10 results for room systems in schedule meeting

  • Meaningful error response when a room system is booked.

  • Exact start and time of the meeting is given.

  • Extend meeting option in call is available again.
    Fixed issues with recording thumbnails

Vscene 2.2


Introducing Vscene 2.2 – a major platform update that introduces a host of exciting new features, improvements and changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for websocket failure error which caused issues with chat and direct calls.

  • When a meeting is scheduled, the form is cleared.

  • When a meeting is edited, the start time field is populated with the booked time not the current.

  • A confirmation pop-up when meetings are deleted is added again.

  • Hubs and meetings chat messages have the correct date and time instead of the erroneous 02/01/1970.

  • A bug with Hub names breaking if contained dashes is fixed.

  • For consistency, all personal hubs are now named “Personal Hub”.

  • Webcast participant’s video and audio are muted.


  • Improved WebRTC experience for Spaces and direct calls.

  • You now have more editing options on your Organisation’s profile.

  • We have improved the loading time on your dashboard and the Schedule Meeting page.

New Features

  • Organisation Connections

Vscene 2.1.5


This release contains bug fixes and some minor feature improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixed that occurred when changing a password in user settings.

  • Bug fixed that caused issues with case-insensitive emails in “Forgot password”.

  • Bug fixed that occurred when extending a meeting in-call.

  • Bug fixed to ensure Room Systems already in use in a call will not be available for dial-out in another call

  • Bug fix for issues that occurred with ‘Stop Sharing’ and the ‘Screen Share’ extension.


  • A confirmation pop-up window is displayed before deleting a meeting

  • Room pin is now displayed in the call details

Vscene 2.1.4


This update introduces some new features, user-friendly improvements and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug that occurred when creating a Parent Organisation fixed

  • Bug that prevented deleting a Space has been fixed


  • Registration page input fields have been updated for easier use

  • Administrators of Organisations can now delete meetings from the Home page

  • We have added a confirmation pop-up when deleting recordings in Media

New features:

  • Vscene Outlook plugin: This new plugin makes it easy to host and join instant meetings from your Outlook desktop application. You can download the plugin here.

  • Hubs: You can now own five Hubs from which you can host or join instant meetings easily

  • Polls: Moderators of calls can now create Polls in Scheduled Meetings and Hub calls

Vscene 2.1.3


We have added lots of new features and improvements suggested by the Vscene community and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for issues when editing a recurring meeting’s date.

  • Fix for invalid links in the registration page.

  • Fix for missing organisation-only Room Systems in the Schedule Meeting form.

  • Fix for invalid share links in videos under Media.

  • Fix for issue with Spaces having the same call details when deleted and re-created under the same name


  • UI improvements in Spaces, Schedule Meeting and Room Systems pages.

  • Contact names, in the right bar, are now displayed on mouse hover.

New features:

  • Option to change a private space to public

  • Option to promote a user as Space moderator or demote a moderator to user.

  • Dial-in details in the view Meeting screen and the Join screen.

  • When lecture mode is selected, the meeting organiser is added in the lecturers by default.

  • Number of registered Room Systems and number of allowed Room Systems per organisation are displayed in the Admin dashboard.

Vscene 2.1.2


This update brings some performance improvements as well as some other features such as newly designed registration and log-in page,


  • Fix dropdown menu issues


  • Enable search for private meeting spaces by organisation administrators

  • Improved login and registration page

Vscene 2.1.1


This update brings some fixes to organisation search and character limits as well as new features such as grid option as a whiteboard background.


  • Fix issue with 30 characters limit for room system IP.

  • Fix for organisation search bug


  • Enable search for private meeting spaces that user is member of.

  • Improved registration page

  • Improved button bar in call

New Features

  • SuperOrg admins get email notifications for child org new users.

  • New email templates for HEAnet users

  • Option for grid background in Whiteboard

Vscene 2.1


The new version of our platform – Vscene 2.1 – is finally here!


  • Support for Edge

  • Moderators have the option to add a room system in a call

  • Reports for administrators that can be exported in a file

  • Administrators can view/edit Organisation details

  • Administrators can view/edit Room System details

  • Super Org Administrators can view, edit and delete meetings of their “children” organisations

  •  Option to downgrade an admin to a normal user

  • New chat message notification

  • New chat windows

  • Paginated tables and lists

  • More warnings and error messages

  • File uploading and sharing in meeting spaces

  • Option to add or remove a user in meeting spaces

  • Help section and onboarding tour

  • Video preview and audio check before a call

  • Recording thumbnails


  • Improved Whiteboard

  • Design and a new logo

Vscene 2.0.3


In this version we have fixed some dial-out issues and provided useful improvements.


  • New Room System type for SIP devices.

  • When a meeting is edited, the existing ical invite is updated instead of creating a new one.

  • When a meeting is deleted, an ical invite is sent to delete the event from the calendar.

  • Moderators can extend scheduled meetings by 5 to 30 minutes.


  • Fixed some issues with dial-out to SIP addresses

Vscene 2.0.2


This release contains bug fixes and a list of small improvements.


  • A new “Opt-in” button was added on user registration.

  • A “Make admin” button was added for administrators, so they can promote normal users to admins.

  • Added description for public/organisation room systems.

  • When a new organisation is in “Pending approval” status, the organisation admin is not listed in pending users.


  • Fixed a bug for profile update

  • Fixed some bugs when editing a meeting

  • Corrected webcast link

Vscene 2.0.1


This release brings various fixes and adds new explanatory messages.


  • Added warning messages about recording, webcast and lecture mode on the Schedule Meeting page

  • Added explanatory messages for user profiles (i.e public, protected and private)


  • Added hash key (#) at the end of the telephone extension in the email invite

  • Fixed issue with “nickname” in email invite

  • Fixed issue with refresh screen on chat

  • Fixed issue about right bar on Chrome

  • Fixed bug with room systems from different organisation on Schedule Meeting