Moderator – Vscene

A Vscene user will automatically be assigned the role of moderator of Scheduled Meetings they have created, as well as a Hubs. Additionally, a user can be assigned the role of moderator of a meeting by the user that created it.

Moderators are required to enter their meeting via browser, and will have more in-call options than other users in the call.

Moderators in Scheduled Meetings
Moderators of Scheduled Meetings have the ability to manage the meetings; they can call registered room systems into the meeting, invite new guests to the meeting and manage users in the meeting.

On your Vscene dashboard, find the meeting you would like to view details of and select the Call ID located on the far left of the meeting window.

Upon selecting your chosen meeting’s Call ID, you will see the meeting details, and you will also see a ‘Moderate’ button which you can select to manage the meeting.

Selecting the ‘Moderate’ button will allow you to view the meeting, however your microphone, video stream and your option to share your screen in the meeting will be disabled. The Whiteboard and option to record the meeting will still be active.

Moderators in Scheduled Meetings: In-call
When you are in a meeting that you are moderating, you will see in-call options in the left-hand panel that are only available to you as a Moderator.

  • Manage‘ – Allows you to invite users to the call and managing call participants, with options including muting or disconnecting those in the call.
  • Room Systems‘ – Here you can search for and call registered room systems into the call.
  • Settings‘ – Here you can extend the meeting duration.
  • Polls‘ – You can create Polls to be carried out by the call participants, and you can also view any active Polls you have created in the call.

Moderators in Hubs
Similar to moderating in a Scheduled Meeting, you will see a similar left-hand panel when in-call using a Hub, allowing you the same capabilities with ‘Manage’, ‘Room Systems’ and ‘Polls’ options, however you will not have the ‘Settings’ panel or have the ability to extend the call time.