Meeting Spaces – Vscene

Meeting Spaces
Your Meeting Spaces can be located on the Home page, or by clicking:


In Meeting Spaces, you can share files and engage in real-time chat with all of the Meeting Space Members, enabling a safe and efficient space for productive research, teaching or simple brainstorming, regardless of each Member‘s location.

Creating a Meeting Space
You can create a Meeting Space by selecting Add New Meeting Space, located on your Home page under Meeting Spaces.

Additionally, when in a Meeting Space, you have the option to create a new one by selecting New Meeting Space.

Here you can enter:

  • A Title
  • Description (optional)
  • Room colour
  • Room Settings
    • Private – Only you and any registered users you have added will be able find and access this meeting space
    • Public – Anyone can find room and add themselves through the Join button
  • Add Members – Registered users that can access the Meeting Space
  • Add Moderators – Registered users who can manage the Meeting Space

Using a Meeting Space
As a Member of a Meeting Space, you can interact with other Members in the ‘Type your message’ box.

If you wish to carry out a video call, you would select the video icon.

Members can upload files to the Meeting Space for other Members to download using Upload A File.

Private and Public Meeting Spaces
For Private Meeting Spaces, Meeting Space Owner’s and Moderators can search for and add registered users using the Add users to Meeting Space search bar.

In Public Meeting Spaces, registered users can simply click ‘Join‘ to become a Member.

Call Details
Connection details to call into the Meeting Space, these include:

  • PHONE DETAILS – Call +44 (0)300 201 0142, then enter the listed extension including the # symbol.