Join By Browser – Vscene

Join By Browser
If you or another participant has scheduled a meeting using Vscene, you will receive an email invite with the conference details. This email will include a link to join the videoconference via your browser.

Open the link to join the videoconference.

If you are not logged into Vscene, you will need to enter your name before you can join the room. You will also need to grant permission if you want to use your camera and microphone for a video conference.

The option to invite guests to your meeting is only available to owners of the Meeting Space or the Meeting Booker as well as any assigned Moderators. You can select Invite Others and it will generate an email template for you to send, containing the necessary connection details for your guest.

Once you connect, you will be shown the welcome screen until your guest arrive.

The Icons on the bottom of the screen allow you to mute your microphone, video, and audio, hide your self-view, disconnect from the call, or end the call, start/stop sharing content, show/hide the collaborative Whiteboard, start/stop recording, change the layout of the video feeds,  and turn full-screen on/off.

Whiteboard – With a range of colours, you can collaborate with your team or class. You can clear the screen to start again or save your collaboration as a JPG file, to share later or simply hold on to.

Sharing Content – Share either your screen or Application Window.

N.B Please beware if you are using Chrome, you may be asked to install a plugin from your Browser App store, to all sharing content.

Recording (Owner/Moderator only) – Recording of your session can be started and stop. Once stopped this can be found in the ‘Media’ page once you disconnect.

Chat – There is Chat on the right-hand side, if you click the arrow icon, this will expand, and you and your guests joined by browser can chat.

Scheduled Meeting – Owner/ Moderator
As a Scheduled Meeting owner/moderator, you will have extra options on the left-hand side to manage the meeting.

If you have joined as the Moderator from the Dashboard, your mic, video stream and the option to share content will be disabled, but the Whiteboard and option to record is still active.

Manage                        – Allows you to invite users and manage the call, such                                                                mute and disconnect participants

Room System               – Search and call registered Room Systems.

Advanced Settings        – Extend you meeting time