Hubs – Vscene

Hubs are static meeting spaces where you can instantly join and host meetings. You can email invite others to join a Hub as well as dial-out to room systems.

You can access Hubs from the navigation at the left hand-side of your screen.

By selecting Hubs, you will be taken to the main Hubs page where you can create Hubs and/or see all of the Hubs that you have created.

Creating a Hub
Each Vscene user automatically has one personal Hub created for them. To create a new Hub, simply click ‘+ Add New Hub’ and enter the chosen name for your Hub.

As an individual, you can create and own five Hubs at one time. If you already have five Hubs and wish to create another, you will need to delete one in order to do so.

Using a Hub
To use one of your existing Hubs, simply Select it, in the Hub window that you would like to use.

Once you have selected the Hub you would like to Join, you will be taken to a page where you can:

  • View and change the name that you will appear as to call participants
  • Select your preferred audio and video source
  • Invite others to the call

Once you are happy with the call settings, select Join, and you will join the call.

Invite others to join your Hub:
You can invite participants (Vscene members and external guests) to join calls hosted in your Hubs.

To invite others, you can simply click on the options menu (the three dots) on your desired Hub, and either click “Details” to view and copy the call joining details and send it to others.

Alternatively, you can click Invite, and this will populate an E-mail template with the call joining details, which you may then send to your invited participants, whether they are members of Vscene, or guest participants.