Getting Started Guide – Vscene

Getting Started

Here, you can view details of all Scheduled Meetings and Spaces you’re a member of, filter Scheduled Meetings and Spaces by name or ID using the search bars.

Hubs allow you to host or be a member of instant video calls. There are two types of Hubs – Legacy and Classview.

You have one permanent personal Legacy Hub, and the ability to create a maximum of four other Legacy Hubs. Classview creation is unlimited but is only browser based.

Schedule meetings days, weeks, months or years in advance. You can customise your meeting title, description and date & time details, as well as schedule your meeting to repeat, record or operate in Lecture Mode. You can add Members, Moderators and Room Systems.

Spaces are meeting workspaces that allow document sharing & encrypted storage, instant chat and whiteboard collaboration.

Media shows you all the recordings you have created from meetings, which can be filtered using the search bar. Your recordings can be viewed within Media, downloaded, deleted or shared via email.

Tour shows our latest update patch notes. It also allows you to watch a few short videos of basic functions in Vscene.

The chat panel allows you to start chats and send instant messages to users within your Organisation. Multiple chat windows can be open at the same time. You can minimize or close chat windows individually, or collectively, by using the chat bubble at the bottom right of your page.

If you decide to start a direct video call, previous text communications will be shown in the text chat of the video call.