Getting Started Guide – Vscene

Getting Started Guide

The dashboard allows you to see all the videoconferences you have scheduled, are participating in, or can moderate.

Start an instant meeting by using ‘Join’ and invite others into it.

There are no limits to the number of meetings you schedule through Vscene. A host can arrange hundreds in advance for each week, month or year. Vscene easily gives you the ability of set up    multiple recurring meetings, for every day, week or month.

With Vscene Spaces you have unlimited meeting workspaces for encrypted document storage, real-time chat and whiteboard collaboration, enabling a safe and efficient space for productive      research, teaching or simple brainstorming regardless of everyone’s location.

You can text chat with any online registered Vscene user. Find the contact you wish to text chat with, on your contact list or search their name or email address, then select the speech bubble icon. If you decide to start a direct video call, previous text communications will be shown in the text chat of the video call.