Who we are

Vscene is one of the key solutions provided by Ajenta, a company specialising in real-time video communications.

At Ajenta, we work closely with our clients to create simple, cost-effective communication tools. Our aim? To change the way that people collaborate. Our reach? We’re based in the UK, but we operate globally.

Vscene & Ajenta

Developed specifically for the education sector, the Vscene platform is a communications service provided by Ajenta.

Here at Ajenta, we provide innovative collaboration products to more than 10,000 education, healthcare and research institutions globally, from our head office in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Experts in our field

As video and audio delivery experts, we work with you to deliver the high quality communication, wherever and whenever you need it.

Our team has the skills and expertise to help you build a fully customised video and audio communication system. Whatever your requirements, we’ll deliver what your teachers and learners need for a truly immersive experience.

The launch of Vscene

We recognised that today’s classroom needs technology that enhances teaching and learning, without the barriers of cost and complexity.

So, we worked to develop a solution that would provide teachers and learners with the means to interact with simplicity and effectiveness. The result? Vscene was launched in 1996 and it is now connecting thousands of classrooms around the world.

The Vscene team

The Vscene team is made up of passionate and talented people with one common goal; to make remote learning truly interactive and engaging. We want to improve classroom communication for every learner, wherever they are. 

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Bryan Taylor

Executive Chairman

Bryan has provided management consultancy services to Venture-backed technology companies enabling short and medium-term transformational performance change, all of which resulted in strategic business growth with significant valuation improvements.

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John Wilson


With experience spanning more than two decades, John’s expertise in immersive technologies and real-time collaboration has helped transform the UK education sector.

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Gavin McKenzie

COO and Co-Founder

Gavin has over 20 years’ experience in strategy, business growth and corporate finance.

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Lyndsay McInnes

Engagement Director

Leading our sales and marketing functions, Lyndsay brings more than 17 years of global experience to the team.

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Peter McHugh

Service Manager

Peter plays a pivotal role in ensuring our products exceed customer needs.

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Yvan Guidoin

Development Operations Lead

Yvan is a full-stack software engineer specialising in web and software development.

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Shafiq Latif

Technical Architect

Shafiq specialises in the infrastructure and deployment of video conferencing solutions.

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Heather Whybrow

Account Development Manager

Heather brings more than 15 years Sales and Account Management experience to the team from a wide variety of different industries.

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Keith Langlands

User Support Team Lead

Keith is dedicated to supporting our users with their software issues or queries.

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Jaime Magoito

Project Manager

Jaime manages our project delivery, from installation through to training.

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Andy Sutherland

Provisioning Manager

Andy manages procurement through to fulfilment, ensuring a smooth process for our clients.

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Alice Herbison

Front-End Lead Developer

Alice is a front-end developer with a background in user experience research and design.

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Valerian Roustit

Front-End Developer

Valerian recently graduated from Codeclan and enjoyis Logic and Javascript development.

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Alan D Stuart

General Counsel

Alan has acted for major telecom organisations and education bodies.

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Happiness Provider

Uisge ensures office happiness levels are always tiptop. Her limit for petting does not exist.

Key Statistics


Supporting 2000+ classroom lessons every day


4K immersive real-time video


99.3% user satisfaction


8 security and quality accreditations

10 min

10 minute support response SLA


100% service uptime over 365 days

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