Enabling the Hybrid Classroom

Vscene brings whole-class engagement and real-time interaction into hybrid learning. We work with institutions across the UK to connect remote students to learning spaces in the most effective and learner-centric way possible.

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Connecting classrooms
across the world

The only hybrid platform built specifically for education, Vscene is connecting classrooms across the world. Vscene makes hybrid learning truly interactive.

Forget passive classroom scenarios where the learner has no voice, and no involvement. Vscene provides consistency and continuity in the learning experience either if the student is remote or physically in the classroom. Our platform delivers the whole-class experience that supports active and participatory learning models, simply and effectively.



Vscene automates the entire hybrid classroom experience with our unique scheduling platform that connects classrooms to students at the start of each class session. It requires little to no intervention by the teacher or lecturer. Adoption is quick and simple, so teachers can focus on the curriculum rather than the technology.



Who we help


Primary and secondary schools

Developed specifically for the education sector, Vscene is a popular solution for primary and secondary schools. The platform is fully compliant with school systems and meets all safeguarding requirements.

It’s a secure and simple way to bring the complete classroom experience to more pupils, wherever they may be.

What we do

Further and higher education

More and more further and higher education settings are discovering what Vscene can do for them. It extends the reach of lecturers across colleges, campuses and beyond, bringing the learning experience to life.

Vscene offers hybrid learning at its best, giving every student access to live education.

What we do

What is Vscene?

It’s the simple way to deliver the complete classroom experience to remote learners. Our technology transforms the learning space to support shared teaching and learning across multiple locations.

The Vscene video platform recreates the classroom setting by allowing live interaction between teachers and online learners. It delivers remote teaching in real-time, giving everyone an immersive classroom experience.

Who is it for?

Vscene has been specifically designed for the education sector. Created with primary, secondary, further and higher education in mind, the developers have included specific features and capabilities to improve classroom communication and encourage engagement.

Our aim is to connect classrooms to a wider learning community. Furthermore, it’s the only video platform approved on the UK Janet network.

What is a Hybrid Classroom?

If you need to enable remote students to connect over video into your classroom or learning space and you want to make sure they have as close to the same experience as the learners who are physically in that space, then you need a Hybrid Classroom solution.

 The Vscene Hybrid Classroom platform ensures consistency in the experience for all learners regardless of location. Everyone is connected over ultra-high-definition video and audio. This ensures the highest level of engagement and participation is achieved across all learners.

It’s designed in a way where very little intervention is required by the teacher as everything is automated, so you don’t have to change the way the lesson is delivered. You can just focus on the curriculum rather than the technology.

Is there live support?

Yes. In fact, the Vscene support service is one of our strongest selling points. We won’t leave you to struggle with unfamiliar technology or leave your problems unresolved.

Our experienced team will be able to assist, whatever your level of expertise. We’ll troubleshoot your issues and make sure you’re up and running as soon as possible. Case in point: if you’re on a live call, we aim to solve any problems within 10 minutes.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Learning
Better collaboration
Improved engagement
Immersive experience

Our Pricing

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How much does it cost?

You’ll find Vscene is a very cost-effective solution. Unlike most video conferencing systems, we don’t set time limits on your sessions or recordings. We don’t have data caps or ask you to pay more. You also won’t need to upgrade your current set-up in order to get started.

For details on pricing plans for the Vscene platform and our Hybrid Classroom Solutions, click below:

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"Our new delivery model has allowed USP College to provide otherwise unviable curriculum to our students and addressing the known nationwide teacher shortage. In addition, it enables both our staff and students the opportunity to use the highest quality of technology and innovative methods of learning. This approach has also proven to broaden cross campus student connectivity"

Dan Pearson, CEO & Principal, USP College

"Through links with e-sgoil, we were able to deliver Advanced Higher Economics' to a pupil at Brae High School (in Shetland) from an experienced SQA Board Tutor from Perth College UHI. Not only did our pupil achieve an A in her Advanced Higher but also received a BNS Drummond Education Award."

Tracy Langley, Operational Lead For Remote Teaching for Shetland Council

"Flexible learning and creating an environment that allows our students to learn in a way that works for them has always been a priority for our college. The COVID pandemic has made this doubly so. We at Dumfries and Galloway College aspire to truly create a ‘campus without walls’ ethos across our college and the Vscene platform and the innovative digital classrooms facility that it offers will go a long way to helping us do that. My team and I have been delighted by the results we’ve seen so far and we anticipate its further benefit to our students, especially those who live in the more rural parts of our beautiful region in the South of Scotland."

Joanna Campbell, Principal, Dumfries & Galloway College

"Vscene is an integral and indispensable part of our VC service. The flexibility of Vscene allows people to join our conferences no matter what facilities they are using and the tech support we receive from the team is superlative. "

James Matthew, University of Glasgow

"Vscene has been providing Cardiff University with connectivity and bridging services for the past 17 years. We have always found the team to be friendly and helpful, they provide immediate support for all our video conference requirements. "

Sue Crosby, Cardiff University

"Ajenta’s Vscene platform provides us with an all-in-one remote teaching solution. The platform enables real-time collaboration between Universities, Institutes and remote students – removing the physical barrier from the classroom experience. "

Phelim Lunny, Dublin Dental University Hospital

"Vscene allows me to manage all aspects of video and teleconferencing with ease. Creating, scheduling and running conferences is made simple by Vscene's user-friendly interface. The one to one support I receive from their team goes above and beyond that of any services I have used in the past."

Cian O’Halloran, University of Limerick

"Whenever I have called on the Vscene support team for assistance I have found the staff approachable and their service exceptional. "

Christine Williams, Customer Care Officer, Anglesey Business Centre

"Vscene’s reliability has been exceptional and the HD quality has provided an effective online means for real-time face-to-face teaching with young people within e-Sgoil. Our external programme evaluation shows the potential that Vscene and online teaching has as one of the tools available to local authorities and schools to meet the challenges of 21st century education. "

Bernard Chisholm, Direct of Education and Children’s Services, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.

"Our online music ensembles have seen an increase in a demographic of pupils who couldn't attend face-to-face rehearsals for logistical reasons. When we return to face-to-face rehearsals we will still be providing online opportunities for pupils to join in live, ensuring no child feels left out."

Ronan Watson, Music Services Manager, North Ayrshire Council.

Get Started

How do I get started?

There are two ways to explore how Vscene might work for your establishment. You can call our friendly sales team for a no-obligation tour of the system. We’ll show you how easy the interface is to navigate and talk through any questions you might have. 

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Key Statistics


Supporting 2000+ classroom lessons every day


4K immersive real-time video


99.3% user satisfaction


8 security and quality accreditations

10 min

10 minute support response SLA


100% service uptime over 365 days

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