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Vscene Security and Privacy

Apr 13, 2020 1:24:00 PM

Sarah Brady

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We would like to take this opportunity to remind our Vscene users of our security practices and of our approach to your data privacy.

Vscene was designed and built only for the education and public sector. The entire platform was designed and developed according to our users across schools, colleges, universities, research institutes and government organisations. As such, privacy and security have always been the primary focus within our architecture and across the entire operation of the Vscene service.

Your data is yours only
We do not share your data with anyone else at all, unless forced to do so by law (we are governed by the UK courts).

Mandatory end-to-end encryption
We enforce end-to-end encryption on all our video and audio traffic. There is no option for any user to disable this. Even if you join a Vscene call using Microsoft Teams, we will enforce end-t0-end encryption for those users.

Education and public sector only
We approve all new organisations. There is no automated sign-up to Vscene, every new organisation registration is vetted and approved by our central engagement team.

Separation of organisations
We separate individual organisations across the platform. We do not automatically give access to a global database. If an organisation wants to connect with another organisation or department, it needs to be approved by each organisation’s administrator in Vscene. Every user has the option to make their profile private, even within their own organisation.

Limited integrations
We are very particular about who we integrate the Vscene platform with. We only allow GDPR approved organisations, who share our strict data ownership policies.

No PC installation
We only use WebRTC browser. Using DTLS-SRTP, HTTPS-TLS 1.2. The Vscene browser application requires explicit permission by the user to access camera and microphone devices. no software installations means less risk to malware viruses or mischievous remote control.

Limited user control
Recording can only be initiated by a registered moderator. Moderation can only be undertaken by a registered user of an organisation. We do not allow Remote Desktop support (where a nominated user can take control of your mouse).

JANET approved
We are the only video platform approved to be hosted on the Jisc UK JANET network, as well as other public sector networks including SWAN in Scotland.

UK based support desk
All our support staff are based in Edinburgh, Scotland and are governed by our strict security policies.

Our Accreditations
We are ISO:27001, Cyber Essentials Plus and GDPR certified across our entire business and platform. We are audited on a regular basis to ensure we continually comply with certified security policies.

For more information, please refer to the security overview and privacy policies on our website: or email . 


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