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The Truly Immersive Teaching Wall at USP College XTEND Campus

Jul 27, 2021 9:40:15 AM

Sarah Brady

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Ajenta have delivered a 20 screen Teaching Wall at USP College within their new Extended Reality Campus (XTEND). A new, state-of-the-art digital campus in Canvey which is the first academic institution in the UK with an on-campus volumetric capture studio incorporating Tesla Suits for creating and experiencing content in virtual and augmented reality. The campus includes a full, motion capture studio, recording suites, infinity coves, edit suites, discovery labs and an emerging technology studio, paving the way for the UK’s next generation of immersive content.

Businesses are already seeing the benefits of using virtual and augmented reality experiences for training their employees, particularly those in hazardous or dangerous industries such as construction, logistics and manufacturing. As the demand for this increases, so will the need for skilled people to develop immersive software and programmes. In addition to teaching and learning, the College will offer the use of the high-tech facilities to schools and businesses through its commercial enterprise, XTEND Digital, with a full content creation service on offer through Diverse Interactive.

USP College needed a way to bring remote students, business and partners into this space virtually from all over the world to participate in online teaching as well as facilitate virtual events from within the space. Ajenta worked with USP College to deliver a 20 screen Teaching Wall to allow the connection of the campus to a global audience. The Teaching Wall from Ajenta allows hundreds of participants to experience the emerging technology training sessions across multiple camera feeds from within the campus as well as support multiple content devices including VR headsets and motion sensing cameras.

The Teaching Wall is powered by the Vscene education collaboration platform on Intel‘s next generation hardware; combined to deliver ultra-high quality video and high frame-rate content capture within a cost-effective solution for the true Hybrid and HyFlex learning space. Compared with other general video conferencing solutions Vscene delivers 4K UHD video as standard at 60 frames per second across unlimited displays to truly provide ‘invisible walls’ within any type of teaching and learning space.

The Teaching WALL is a unique, immersive, real-time collaboration experience that allows you to teach to a large cohort of students, with the flexibility to blend in-room and remote together in one hybrid learning space. To read more about our Teaching WALL solutions or to arrange a demonstration visit us here.


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