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Introducing the Teaching WALL

May 27, 2021 10:51:57 AM

Sarah Brady

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Redefining the Immersive Learning Space

The Teaching WALL is an immersive, real-time collaboration experience that allows you to teach to a large cohort of students, with the flexibility to blend in-room and remote together in one hybrid learning space.


Powered by the Vscene education video collaboration platform; the Teaching WALL delivers ultra-high resolution video with students distributed across multiple screens to provide a truly immersive learning environment that supports real-time and engaging interaction; whilst maintaining the crucial ‘human experience’ of learning.

The Teaching WALL is designed to be fully automated with virtually no buttons to press and no setup or configuration required. The auto-tracking and framing camera follows you around the room and the audio system has a far-reaching microphone array that can pick up audio from the entire space so you do not need to worry if your students can see or hear you. This simplicity in design enables the teacher to focus on teaching without any distractions.

Your students can join over the Vscene desktop app, any browser, mobile device or can also join from Microsoft Teams to join the live teaching session. They can either ask questions verbally or use the embedded chat function and they can either raise their hands physically or use the Raise Hand tool. Students can share their work live in the session and can also work together within a collaborative whiteboard.

With the Vscene management platform, you can schedule all your live classes at the start of term and set it to automatically connect all our learning spaces as well as automate recording of classes and storage within the Vscene media library of any 3rd party repository of your choice. Vscene also gives you an admin dashboard and customisable reporting tools to allow you to monitor usage, adoption, and success.

Vscene is used by over 2,000 education, research and government institutions across the UK and Europe and our classroom technology is used to power many kinds of hybrid learning spaces from the micro space to the extra-large auditorium. We work with you throughout the design stage and during the installation stage to ensure your education vision becomes reality.

Vscene is hosted on the UK Janet education network in government approved data centers within the UK. It is ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus and GDPR accredited. For more information on our security and data policies see:

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