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Meet the Team - Stephen, Education Account Manager

Jul 30, 2021 10:19:08 AM

Sarah Brady

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Meet our team

At Ajenta, we always pride ourselves in providing first class service to our users and we believe this comes from employing a great team, who work well together and create our ‘Ajenta Family’. In this series of blog posts we will let you get to know our team a little better.

Stephen Douglas is one of our Education Account Managers who joined the Ajenta team earlier this year and is already an integral part of our commercial team. 

How did you find starting a new job during the Covid-19 pandemic?
Different! I was in my previous role for almost five years and wasn’t necessarily looking to move, especially during such an uncertain time. But when I spoke with John and Lyndsay during the interview process, I was really excited by their plans for Ajenta and Vscene and I wanted to be a part of it.

Stephen-Douglas-cropNormally the first few days and weeks are spent getting to know everyone in and around the office, so it was a bit strange having to do all of that from my kitchen table. But I found everyone extremely welcoming and friendly, and I’ve probably spoken with colleagues just as much over the phone and on video as I would do in person. There are always lots of team calls and chances to chat to colleagues, so it’s been great.

Are you enjoying working remotely just now? 
I am enjoying working remotely just now and it’s helped that I had already been doing so for a year before starting at Ajenta. I find there are less distractions and with less time commuting you can be more productive and do more with your time. I always feel connected to my colleagues and customers through our technology which is making remote working so much easier.
Working from home also gives me the chance to get in plenty of walks before work or even a lunchtime run which works wonders for my general mood and well-being and more importantly balances out the fact my desk is set up in the kitchen 5 yards away from the biscuit cupboard!
I’m still looking forward to mixing things up with some face-to-face contact over the coming months with customers and spending some time at our HQ in Leith. I had my first visit to the office recently and was really impressed by the space and location. Finally meeting Usige, the office dog was the definite highlight! It also looks a great area to grab an after-work pint in!

What are the biggest challenges you face in your role?
I would say coming from an industry and enterprise background rather than Education. I’ve had lots to learn about a new sector and to understand the many different facets of Education. Every School, College or University is different, each with their own challenges.
It’s been great engaging with so many institutions and hearing about their plans for delivering and developing a hybrid and blended learning strategy. There are so many different people involved across an institution to make that happen and it’s great to be able to help make that a reality.
Another massive challenge I should also add would probably be dealing with the constant ribbing from Heather and Lyndsay over my ‘Weegie’ words and accent! Jealousy is a terrible thing.

What are your hobbies out-with work?
Outside of work my biggest passion is football. I’ve got a season ticket for Celtic Park and still play five a side every week as well as watching any and every game that is on TV, much to my girlfriend’s annoyance!
I also love going to gigs and festivals and can’t wait until they are back up and running. I’ve just bought a Vinyl player and looking forward to building up my collection. The first vinyl I purchased for it was the Rocky IV soundtrack which incidentally is indisputably the greatest movie soundtrack (and film) of all time!
I should also mention family to come across like a nice guy, and I do also love spending time with my three-year-old niece Emilia and generally having a carry on with her!




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