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Meet our Team - Andy Sutherland Provisioning Manager

Apr 11, 2022 12:33:29 PM

Lyndsay McInnes

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Meet our team
At Ajenta, we always pride ourselves in providing first class service to our users and we believe this comes from employing a great team, who work well together and create our ‘Ajenta Family’. In this series of blog posts, we will let you get to know our team a little better.

Andy Sutherland has worked with Ajenta for over a year and manages our fulfilment of our Hybrid Classroom solutions and operational processes. 

What does your typical day look like at the Ajenta Hub?

One of my favourite things about this job is that I have a varied role, so every day is always a little bit different the one constant is that I always start the day with a good coffee! I’m now fully back in the office every day and enjoying seeing more of the Ajenta team back.

Part of my role is manage the day to day running of the office and work closely with the COO, to ensure we are complying with our protocols and procedures, which plays a part in Ajenta continuing to pass our various ISO and Cyber Essentials Plus audits. Ajenta are committed to being an environmentally focused company, and are a 100% paperless office. Which means part of my job is to be the paper police and ensure we are following these protocols.

 I’m also involved in ensuring our Covid guidelines have been followed in the office by staff and visitors. It has been reassuring to know that we have provided a safe working environment all the way through and now looking forward to what the next phase will look like. Currently, we are still taking temperatures and wearing masks in common areas.  Everyone has been really great in working together to ensure everyone is safe.

It was amazing to finally get a face to face social event recently where we all joined the All Hands meeting, then enjoyed some tasty pizza and gamming on our massive Teaching Wall, finishing off with a few drinks in our local pub. It almost felt like normal! 


Tell us about the most interesting project you have worked on?Andy Sutherland

Ajenta recently installed a range of our different hybrid classrooms at West Suffolk College. I really enjoyed getting to grips with the different solutions we provide, from the large, Hybrid Dual Classroom to the smaller/ more flexible mobile solutions like the Classroom Mini.

It's been a great learning curve, working closely with our Project Manager, who has been a great mentor to me and has really helped me understand how we can deliver the best hybrid learning solutions for our customers.

 I like to get as much practical use our of the various classroom demo spaces, we have at the office whenever I can. I have had the opportunity to visit a few of the classrooms we have previously installed on campuses, such as Dundee and Angus College, Perth UHI College, University of the West of Scotland and also got a trip down to USP College in Essex. This has been an exciting way of seeing how our solutions work in practice.

What are your hobbies out-with work? Any hidden talents?

I enjoy playing guitar, I’m a bit of a collector (I think I’m up to 9 now, I’ve lost count). I am also a keen gamer – I’ve recently been very immersed in Elden Ring (120 hours in and counting)! We also recently got a VR headset in the office so that’s been a fun distraction during downtime here.


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Author: Lyndsay McInnes

Leading our sales and marketing functions, Lyndsay brings more than 17 years of global experience to the team.


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