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Meet our Team - Valerian Roustit

Jun 14, 2022 1:44:16 PM

Lyndsay McInnes

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Meet our team

At Ajenta, we always pride ourselves in providing first class service to our users and we believe this comes from employing a great team, who work well together and create our ‘Ajenta Family’. In this series of blog posts, we will let you get to know our team a little better.

Valerian Roustit has worked with Ajenta for nearly two years, as a Front-End Developer and joined us from ClodeClan, Scotland’s only SQA accredited digital skills academy who help bridge the digital skills gap in Scotland’s growing tech industry

What does your typical day look like at the Ajenta Hub?

I start my day by checking and answering mails. We all work from home, so the team has a morning virtual stand-up meeting to review the progression of work from the previous day and then we agree the plan and priorities for the day.

My main focus is on working on the front-end of the Vscene platform. I'm also building some experience of the backend of the platform, which is a great to have an opportunity continually build new skills as a junior developer.

After our morning meeting, I get started on working on assigned tickets. We have three types of tickets:


Debugging tickets always take priority.  As we are working with an agile system, we are able to respond as quickly as possible to any user issue and keep the product as reliable as possible.

Once a ticket has been worked on, we then have a vigorous process of testing and reviews to make sure everything works as intended. 

New features

Vscene is always being enhanced in line with our product roadmap. Vscene has had to evolve rapidly in the past two years to ensure its providing a solution that fits with the increase of hybrid learning programmes. The UI and UX team aim to respect and improve the user experience and industry standard in accessibility.


The development team have a product steering group meeting weekly and we continually share and gage feedback from the Vscene community to ensure that we are always pushing to improve the design, accessibility and user experience.

Tell us about the most interesting project you have worked on?IMG_2590

I started working at Ajenta during a huge rework of our new desktop app was part of the team working on the in-call experience. The goal was to improve the design and user experience, whilst having a solid base to allow us to expand the functionalities we can offer.

This was an exciting time as I got to work on complex features, like the whiteboard and call layout. During this project I  learned a lot which has made me a better developer.

What are your hobbies out-with work? Any hidden talents?

 I like bouldering, I have been climbing since I was a teenager. I also enjoy pencil drawing most of the time making small illustrations of my "Dungeon and Dragon" characters.


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Author: Lyndsay McInnes

Leading our sales and marketing functions, Lyndsay brings more than 17 years of global experience to the team.


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