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Developing remote learning and teaching methods

Mar 11, 2021 5:45:00 PM

Sarah Brady

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We were delighted to welcome experts in remote learning and teaching to share their experiences with the education community through a knowledge share webinar on 9th March.

After introductions from John Wilson, CEO of Ajenta, Rosslyn Lee (Digital Skills Coordinator, North Ayrshire Council) discusses the journey North Ayrshire has been on during the pandemic, adapting to the delivery of remote education, including up-skilling teachers and pupils.

Ronan Watson (Music Service Manager, North Ayrshire Council) shares their journey as the pilot in the adoption of Vscene for the local authority from June 2020. It was great to hear that engagement in community ensembles has actually increased online, likely due to less logistical challenges in getting to location. As a result, online ensembles look set to continue when life returns to normal – a wonderful positive to come out of a very hard situation.

Colleagues from East Ayrshire Council followed, sharing their remote learning experience which started in June 2019, before the pandemic. Donna Kirkwood-Emery (Curriculum Support Officer, East Ayrshire Council) states that their local authority were looking to enhance and develop teaching provision using remote and digital solutions when they first started this journey. Specifically, this included the delivery of Advanced Higher Physics and History remotely. The key factor for them was to find a digital solution that provided an inclusive classroom for all learners, regardless of location. Donna continues to share how the project expanded across the authority.

Gary Robertson (ICT Coordinator (Education), East Ayrshire Council) added that proper planning is essential to get the most out of your project. Involve the right people, plan and you should see great results.

Finally, Tracy Langley (Operational Lead for Remote Teaching for Shetland and Depute at esgoil) shared the challenges Shetland Council faces in rural settings, ensuring children have access to education regardless of location using remote learning and teaching.

You can access the video for free here.

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