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Blog: Vscene has launched on SWAN

Jun 27, 2018 4:45:00 PM

Lyndsay McInnes

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The Revolution of Collaboration – Vscene has launched on SWAN

Ajenta celebrated the launch of Vscene and our new partnership with SWAN this week, by an invitation only event for SWAN members. On 26th June we welcomed around 50 attendees to the Ajenta hub, from local and central government to learn more about the benefits and best practice from the Vscene community.

We were delighted that attendees were welcomed to the event by the sound for a Celtic band, playing from the Western Isles using Vscene. The Western Isles are champions of Vscene and use the platform to overcome geographical barriers in the delivery of key services in rural areas.

Jim Crawford, Sales Director at SWAN kicked off the event, presenting on SWAN’s innovation and roadmap for the future.

Ajenta’s CEO, John Wilson followed, covering the journey of Vscene previously Janet Video Conferencing Service (JVCS), which has been going since 1996 and was previously owned by Jisc.

John continued, unveiling the future roadmap of Vscene which has a refreshed focus on collaboration and video delivery with a new interface, and lots of exciting new features. Vscene is already used by thousands of public sector, education and research organisations with a need for real-time workspace collaboration and high quality video conferencing to host meetings.

The event was then joined by pupils from a school on the Isle of Lewis, over Vscene. It was a great opportunity for the attendees to hear first hand experiences from those using Vscene, and allowed a live Q&A session. 

In 2014, Capita was awarded the contract to build and run SWAN. So far more than 6,000 sites have been connected, including schools, hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacists and local council offices. SWAN is bringing reduced costs, improved service and the ability to share data across organisations, fostering co-operative working.

Key member organisations of SWAN include central Government departments, including the Scottish Government, Scottish Qualification Agency, Historic Scotland and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, all 22 boards across NHS Scotland as well as 50 per cent of Scottish local authorities.

SWAN allows all its customers to benefit from economies of scale as well as increasing productivity and collaboration, acting as the gateway for N3, the Internet and Janet networks. With local authorities now realising significant benefits from utilisation of the SWAN Public Services Network (PSN) gateway, the focus is now on trialing the secure email service and helping innovative members to make best use of the shared areas of SWAN to collaborate and drive inter-agency working.

SWAN offers a wide range of connectivity options and a portfolio of shared and Value-Added Services (VAS). Ajenta are delighted to be added as a SWAN Value-Added Service.

The latest partnership with SWAN opens up a new procurement route for Scottish public sector to join the Vscene community.

Digital Teaching & Learning - Lessons from Lockdown

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