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Blog: Inclusive Learning with Vscene

Nov 1, 2018 10:00:00 AM

John Wilson

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Ajenta held an intimate event on 25th October at the Ajenta hub – ‘Inclusive Learning through Vscene’.

The Vscene video toolkit is being used by schools to effectively extend curriculum and promote collaborative and inclusive learning. During the session we explored and discussed working examples of how Vscene is being used to overcome the common challenges of attainment and teacher recruitment within education.

We were delighted to have Headmaster Angus McLellan from e-Sgoil presenting the challenges they have faced and how they have solved these problems by adopting a new pedagogy through technology.

The e-Sgoil project is a journey of discovery for the development of pedagogy to improve access to areas of the curriculum which would otherwise be unavailable. e-Sgoil is an interactive, real-time teaching facility which uses Glow, Office 365 and Vscene to support the delivery of teaching to any school in Scotland.

Kenji Lamb, Lead on Digital Innovation within College Development Network followed. Kenji advised discussed that in order for technology to be successfully adopted by everyone, you need to embed the technology in everything you do.

We also took this opportunity to showcase all of the features within the Vscene toolkit, as seen through the eyes of the pupil and teacher. A demonstration also allowed us to show the in-class technology used to connect a teacher to a classroom to enhance equality of curriculum regardless of geographic divide.

Delegates ranged from teachers, curriculum managers and service delivery managers. We hope the attendees left with a more in depth knowledge in the features of Vscene and the positive impact the technology can have in education.

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