Admin – Vscene

If you have Admin rights for your organisation you will be able to find the Admin option in the top menu panel. In the Admin panel you can manage Users, Room Systems and Child Organisations within your own Organisation.

Admin – Home
In the Admin Home you can see the number of pending requests for User and Organisation approval. You can also see the number of meetings scheduled for that day and stats for the total number of recordings and calls done by all users in your organisation. Here you will also find the total number of Room Systems in your organisation.

In the centre of the page you will see stats for the number of Calls by day, which can be filtered by the Week or Month, and can be seen as a list of Top Users in your organisation. You can save these stats as a TXT file by clicking Download.


In the Users tab, you will find all Users registered under your organisation, as well as any Pending User requests for your Organisation. You can search users by their name or e-mail address. You can click on an arrow to promote a user to an admin and demote them to a normal user. The X in the far right will delete the selected user.


In the Organisations tab you will find a list of all organisations. You can use search to find the one you are looking for.

If you are a SuperOrg in the Organisations tab you will find all Pending Organisations Requests and all Organisations listed under your Organisation. The X in the far right corner will delete the Organisation or the Pending Request.

SuperOrg – Creation of a Child Organisation 

Requesting a new Child Organisation to an existing SuperOrg

If you wish to create a child organisation under already existing super organisation, please use the ‘Register now’ button on the Login page of to create a new Administrator account.

Fill in the user details then proceed by selecting ‘Next’.

You will then be required to choose ‘Add your organisation’ tab at the top of the page.

Fill in the organisation details, ensuring you select a parent organisation. Complete all organisation details and address details.

After you select ‘Next’, your organisation has been successfully created. All that is left to do now is to wait for the parent organisation’s administrator to approve your request.

Approving a Child Organisation registration request

Whenever there is a registration of a new child organisation, the chosen parent organisation (administrator) will be informed of such action via email (see below).

The administrator of a parent organisation must review the registration and approve or reject it. To do this, you should log into you Vscene administrator account.

Once logged in, select ‘Admin’ from the top menu. This will lead you to your administrative panel, where you will see an overview of pending requests on your dashboard.

Selecting the ‘Organisation’ tab will take you to a list of all your pending organisation requests. Here you should see an organisation that has registered under yours recently. To approve it use the ‘✔’ but if you would like to decline that registration use ‘x’

Room Systems
In the Room Systems tab you will find all registered Room Systems. You can filter them using the toggle to display all Public Room Systems or only your Organisation’s systems.

To register a new Video Room System click on + Add New Video System.

  • Name your room – Please name it after a room in which it’s operating. Remember you can use spaces.
  • Select your Connection Type and Connection details
      • 323/E.164/IP -IP Address Example –
      • SIP – SIP address Example –
      • V-Room System – Room Extension No. Example – 123123
  • Privacy Type
    • Organisation – Only you and your organisation can see and use this room
    • Public – Anyone can see and use this room
  • Email Address – Email invites for conferences involving this room system will be sent here.  Information for joining the call will be detailed in this email.